NGO Forum

Membership Registration Process

Who can be a member of the South Sudan NGO Forum?

All NGOs (that is: nongovernmental, not-for-profit, non-partisan, non-political and non-proselytising organisation) with a full-time presence in Southern Sudan, who has appropriate registration with the Ministry of Justice and RRC, pays membership fees, and is approved by the NGO Forum Steering Committee and Country Directors group is welcome to become a member. International organisations, businesses, NGOs without a full-time presence in Southern Sudan, or for-profit NGOs may not apply for membership.

What is the benefit of becoming a member of the South Sudan NGO Forum?

The NGO Forum provides a scope of services that are provided to its members but these are broadly:

  • Information Sharing / Communication – The NGO Forum manages an information network that is unique in Southern Sudan. It exists to ensure that there is effective, and transparent, sharing of information relevant to both its members and external stakeholders.
  • Coordination – The NGO Forum coordinates NGO activities through its various meetings and through relationships with external stakeholders.
  • Representation / Policy / Advocacy / Lobbying – The NGO Forum represents the interests of its members in external meetings, policy discussions, advocacy meetings and documents, and lobbying on issues of common interest.
  • Safety & Security– The NGO Forum provides members with accessible and timely security and access- related information, advice, and best practices.
  • Networking & Local NGOs Development – The NGO Forum is committed to the development and capacity building of Local NGOs through the existence of a specialized Local NGO Forum as well as engagement with INGOs and donors to this end.
How long is the membership period?

Membership renewal/payment is done on a yearly basis. Renewal notifications are usually sent to members in January. This requires completion of the same application form as first-time members.

How can my organisation apply for membership?
  • Complete the application form.
  • NGO Forum Secretariat reviews your organization details.
  • Present a brief description of your organisation and it's activities and vetting/endorsement by the Steering Committee which meet every 2 weeks.
  • Present a brief description of your organisation and it's activities to the monthly Country Directors group, afterwhich membership is voted upon.

Please see frequently asked questions on our website

Observer member status

In certain circumstances organisations can apply for observer membership which allows for use of the forum services but without having voting rights. Observer membership applications must be accompanied by a letter explaining the reasons for seeking observer status, which is then reviewed by the Steering Committee.

Membership Registration Form

Below is a set of data you will need for your NGO Registration. We advice that you prepare it before you start filling the form. All fields marked * are required

Organization Basic Information
  • Organization Name *
  • Organization Preferred Acronym or Short Name *
  • Organization Type (National/International) *
  • Short brief of your organization *
  • RRC Certificate Serial Number & Expiry Date*
  • RRC Certificate Upload (pdf or image)*
  • Year operations began in South Sudan *
  • Headquater Country *
  • Postal Address *
  • Website
Organization Contact & Staffing Information
  • Organization Representative and their contacts *
  • Alternate Representative and their contacts *
  • Operating Budgets *
  • Approximate Number of International Staff hired or to be hired within the year *
  • Approximate Number of National Staff hired or to be hired within the year *
  • Approximate Number of Relocatable staff *
  • South Sudan Headquaters Physical Address *
  • South Sudan Office Location Physical Address *
  • NGO Car Number Plate
Partnerships & code of Conducts
  • Ministries in which you partner with and have a signed MOU
  • Ministries in which you partner with but have no signed MOU
  • PSEA Policy and Reporing Lines
  • Codes of Conducts
  • Global Networks
Organization Operational Presence Information
  • Sector/Cluster *
  • County *
  • Project intended Start Year *

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