NGO Forum

Internship Hostagency Process

The NGO Forum internship initiative

Internship Host Agency Eligibility

To be eligible to host an intern, your organization must meet the following minimum requirements and be open to a site inspection by an NGO Secretariat staff member;

  1. Your organization must have been operating for at least 1 year
  2. The intern to on-site employee ratio cannot be greater than 1:5
  3. Your organization must be registered with the RRC and the NGO Forum
  4. The organization must have a physical office in a safe, accessible location within Juba and project field sites.
  5. The primary language of the workplace must be English
Hosting Requirements

Once you determine if your organization is eligible to host an intern, you must ensure that each placement meets the following requirements;

  1. The intern must be provided with a workspace and computer
  2. There will be an on-site supervisor in the intern’s field of studies.
  3. The organization will agree to a training plan, to help orient the intern to their work site.
  4. The host supervisor will complete a monthly report on the intern’s progress and a more detailed final report at the end of the 3 months period.
  5. The organization agrees that any disciplinary issues, including dismissal, will follow due process and will be done in collaboration with the NGO Secretariat.

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